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  • Shalmali Bane

    Shalmali Bane

    Ph.D. Student in Epidemiology and Clinical Research, admitted Spring 2021

    BioShalmali Bane is doctoral student in the Department of Epidemiology and Population Health. She is a trainee with the Center for Population Health Sciences, in the Stanford School of Medicine. She works with Dr. Suzan Carmichael on examining social determinants of reproductive health and perinatal outcomes. Shalmali grew up in India and received a biology degree from Stanford, with a focus in Neurobiology. Prior to graduate school, she was a healthcare consultant with the Analysis Group, where she focused on survey research, literature reviews, and budget impact modelling. She is passionate about equity and inclusion initiatives and serves on her departmental JEDI committee. She hopes to meld all of these experiences together in her current work: applying rigorous epidemiological methods to study how factors like socially determined race/ethnicity and socio-economic position impact the experiences of birthing persons.

  • Anna Maria Bombardieri

    Anna Maria Bombardieri

    Clinical Assistant Professor, Anesthesiology, Perioperative and Pain Medicine
    Masters Student in Epidemiology and Clinical Research, admitted Autumn 2022

    Current Research and Scholarly InterestsMy overall research goal is to advance clinical practice by providing anesthesiologists with data to most effectively maintain cerebral blood flow in the perioperative period.
    I am interested in the effect of the autonomic nervous system on cerebral blood flow regulation.
    I intend to combine regional anesthetic techniques and noninvasive bedside cerebral blood flow monitoring to understand the effect of the sympathetic system on cerebral blood flow.
    A secondary goal is to apply this new knowledge to investigate whether cervical sympathetic blocks improve long term neurological outcomes.