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  • Millie Das

    Millie Das

    Clinical Professor, Medicine - Oncology

    BioDr. Das specializes in the treatment of thoracic malignancies. She sees and treats patients both at the Stanford Cancer Center and at the Palo Alto VA Hospital. She is Chief of Oncology at the Palo Alto VA and is an active member of the VA national Lung Cancer Working Group and Lung Cancer Precision Oncology Program. In 2023, she was elected President the Association of Northern California Oncologists (ANCO), where she displays her passion for patient advocacy and also for clinician education by helping to organize Bay Area focused continuing medical education programs. She is the VA site director for the Stanford fellowship program and leads the VA thoracic tumor board on a biweekly basis. She has a strong interest in clinical research, serving as a principal investigator for multiple clinical and translational studies at the Palo Alto VA, and also as a co-investigator on all of the lung cancer trials at Stanford. In her free time, she enjoys spending time with her family, traveling, and running.

  • Jimbo Dickerson

    Jimbo Dickerson

    Instructor, Medicine - Oncology

    BioI am a medical oncologist with a clinical focus on breast cancer, and a research focus on examining cancer care delivery and resource allocation in both high- and low-income contexts. My group's research is divided between domestic policy research, which focuses on analyzing cost and care variation in breast cancer care, and global oncology projects, which concentrate on implementation and care delivery.

  • Milana V. Dolezal, MD, MSci

    Milana V. Dolezal, MD, MSci

    Clinical Associate Professor, Medicine - Oncology

    BioDr. Dolezal is a board-certified hematologist-oncologist with Stanford Medicine Cancer Center in Emeryville and a clinical associate professor in the Stanford School of Medicine, Division of Oncology.

    She strives to work with patients to develop care plans that are comprehensive and personalized achieve the best possible outcomes and quality of life.

    Dr. Dolezal also has extensive experience in research and drug development. She previously held positions as a clinical scientist, assistant medical director, and associate medical director in the BioOncology Therapeutics unit of the biotechnology company Genentech.

    She has conducted clinical research into fertility preservation in patients with breast cancer, advanced treatments for triple-negative breast cancer, and patients’ adherence to anti-cancer therapy. She has co-authored articles on her research findings that appeared in the Journal of Clinical Oncology, Cancer, and other peer-reviewed publications.

    She also co-authored the chapter “Progression from Hormone-Dependent to Hormone-Independent Breast Cancer” in the textbook Hormones, Genes and Cancer published by Oxford University Press.

    Dr. Dolezal has made presentations to her peers at meetings of the American Association for Cancer Research, American Society of Clinical Oncology, and European Cancer Organisation.

  • George Duran

    George Duran

    Cancer Biologist and Laboratory Manager, Medicine - Med/Oncology

    Current Role at StanfordCancer biologist specializing in the development of novel chemotherapeutic agents and in mechanisms of drug resistance. Current research ranges from molecular studies to further understand the heterogeneity of T-cell lymphomas, to translational studies of molecular determinants of therapeutic response, and clinical trials that use the body’s immune system to fight cancer cells.

    Original research contributions have resulted in the authorship of over eighty publications.