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  • Walter De Brouwer

    Walter De Brouwer

    Affiliate, Clinical Excellence Research Center (CERC) Operations

    BioWalter A. De Brouwer, Ph.D. is Adjunct Professor at the Stanford School of Medicine, where he lectures and mentors the CERC fellows as they spend the year designing and researching their innovative high-value, low-cost care models, particularly as they develop the evaluation phase of their research and analyze health care data.
    He is the founder of, a Palo-Alto based, Federated Edge Learning company for the payers/pharma industry and the CEO of the Harvard Medical School spin-off, which pioneered the digital twin algorithm in medical research and created the Global Pandemic Satellite Surveillance System.
    He is the co-Chair of the IEEE-SA IC19-004-01 – Decentralized Clinical Trials-; a board member of the Linux Foundation Public Health; a member of RDSC, the ROCHE Data Science Coalition; a member of Anthem’s Digital Leadership; a member of TED and of the American Mathematical Society.

    Professional Education
    Bachelor’s degree in Philology (University of Ghent, Belgium)
    Master’s degree in Formal Linguistics (University of Ghent, Belgium)
    Post-graduate: Epistemology (University of Ghent, Belgium)
    Ph.D. Computational Semiotics (Catholic University of Tilburg, the Netherlands).