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  • Matteo Amitaba Mole'

    Matteo Amitaba Mole'

    Assistant Professor of Obstetrics and Gynecology (Reproductive & Stem Cell Biology)

    Current Research and Scholarly InterestsThe research focus of our laboratory is centered on investigating the complex process of human embryo implantation. Due to the limited availability of suitable model systems and inability to directly observe this process in vivo, this has been traditionally referred to as the enigmatic stage of human embryonic development.

    The successful implantation of an embryo is crucial for the establishment of a healthy pregnancy. During the transition between the first and second week of gestation, the human embryo must securely implant into the maternal uterus, initiating development of the placenta to receive necessary nutrients and oxygen for its growth until birth.

    However, the process of implantation in humans is highly susceptible to failure, with a significant percentage of embryos unable to develop beyond this stage leading to early miscarriages. This clinically observed "implantation barrier" often requires patients to undergo numerous cycles of IVF treatment, with no guarantee of a successful pregnancy outcome.

    The primary objective is to increase the understanding of maternal-embryo interactions initiated at implantation, with the goal of developing clinical interventions to address the high incidence of implantation failures underlying pre-clinical miscarriages.