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  • Hannah Binzen Wild

    Hannah Binzen Wild

    Affiliate, Senior Associate Dean for Global Health

    BioResearch Interests: Pastoralism, Health and Conflict, Humanitarian Response
    Regions: Ethiopia, South Sudan

    Hannah Wild is an MD Candidate at Stanford University School of Medicine. Her research focuses on the health of nomadic populations and more broadly, the intersection of health, armed conflict, and culture in Sub-Saharan Africa. She received her undergraduate degree in Comparative Literature from Harvard University with special fields in oral literature and ethnography. Prior to beginning medical school she received a post-graduate fellowship to conduct ethnographic fieldwork with the Nyangatom, a tribe of nomadic pastoralists in the Omo Valley of southwest Ethiopia. She spent 18 months living with the Nyangatom’s nomadic cattle camps and studying their traditional medical practices, and is fluent in the local language. As a medical student, she developed methodology for including nomadic groups in population data and household surveys ( Her work on pastoralists' role in regional conflict dynamics has been cited by policymakers including the United Nations Report of the Commission on Human Rights in South Sudan ( Her current research focuses on humanitarian care in conflict and the epidemiology of conflict-related injury among noncombatants. She will pursue residency training in general surgery with a focus on trauma and critical care.