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  • Isabella Chu

    Isabella Chu

    Associate Director, Data Core, Center for Population Health Sciences

    BioI have been with the Stanford School of Medicine since 2001. I received my MPH in Public Health from UC Berkeley in 2011 and joined The Stanford Center for Population Health Sciences (PHS) in 2016. My research interests focus on social and environmental determinants of health, particularly how the built environment, especially housing and transportation policy promotes equitable access to the economy, education and other opportunities.

    I am the Associate Director of the Data Core at PHS. The PHS Data Core specializes in hosting large, rich, high risk data which are used by hundreds of researchers to answer questions in precision and population health. My primary responsibilities include overseeing governance and regulatory matters, data security, privacy and ethics and collaboration with the team of research scientists and engineers who have built the PHS Data Core platform. This platform and model have been replicated in several universities throughout the United States.

    Prior to joining PHS I initiated the Stanford Research Registry (SRR) which grew to over 4,000 members within two years and greatly facilitated research participation for both individuals with chronic disease as well as healthy controls in clinical trials and qualitative research. The SRR served as the foundation for the Patient Engagement Portal initiative which allows for bi-directional communication with the entire Stanford patient population and the general public for the purposes of recruitment for research, reporting research findings and allowing research participants to better understand the impacts of their service on the advancement of science.

  • Neil Kamdar

    Neil Kamdar

    Assistant Director of Analytics, Center for Population Health Sciences
    Biostatistician 3, Center for Population Health Sciences

    BioI am a health services researcher and applied methodologist focused on clinical and policy applications in disabilities research, women's health, general surgery, and mental health analyses. My focus has been on leveraging Medicare, private payer claims (Health Care Cost Institute (HCCI), MarketScan, OptumInsight, etc.) and Medicaid to understand cost, utilization, and outcomes. This work has been foundational in the development of large-scale studies on vulnerable populations that have typically been under-served or insufficiently studies in the health services research domain.

    I serve as the Assistant Director of Analytics at the Center for Population Health Sciences at Stanford, focused on the development of the American Family Cohort (AFC) data, a primary care registry that provides substantial insights into clinical outcomes, utilization, and a particular focus on COVID-19 and Long COVID outcome analyses. Ancillary work would involve the development of research collaborations throughout Stanford Medicine with the interest in creating scholarship across the many domains of the Center for Population Health Sciences.

    In addition to this role at Stanford, I also maintain an appointment at the University of Michigan, Institute for Healthcare Policy and Innovation, where I serve as an analytic lead in the development of administrative claims and electronic medical records analyses leading to publications in general and subject-specific journals.

    I have been successful in being funded as a co-investigator with several federal and foundation agencies, including the National Institutes of Health (NIH), Department of Defense (DOD), Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality (AHRQ), Neilsen Foundation focused on traumatic spinal cord injury, among many others. I have also provided foundational analyses in the development of Clinical Quality Initiatives (CQIs), which are state-wide initiatives aimed at improving the health and efficiency of hospitals and institutions, with a focus on maternal and fetal medicine in the State of Michigan.