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  • Rofida Nofal

    Rofida Nofal

    Postdoctoral Scholar, Stem Cell Transplantation

    BioDr. Rofida Nofal is a physician scientist with special interest in benign hematology, immune-hematology and stem cell transplant. She is a postdoc scholar at the Czechowicz lab in the Stanford University’s Department of Pediatrics, Hematology, Oncology, Stem Cell Transplantation and Regenerative Medicine Division.
    Dr. Nofal’s primary clinical interests are immune-hematological disorders, primary immune-deficiency/immune dysregulations disorders as well as non-malignant transplant and non-genotoxic conditioning. Her current research interests are in bone marrow failure syndromes focusing on Fanconi Anemia (FA); understanding the disease biology, the immune profile of patients with FA as well as determinants of disease severity, progression, and response to therapy.
    Her current main research project at the Czechowicz lab addresses clonal hematopoiesis in patients with Fanconi Anemia, trying to understand leukemogenesis and identify good biomarkers for early detection of clonal evolution to inform treatment decisions in an effort to improve outcome of stem cell therapy in Fanconi Anemia. Other research projects she is involved in, include gene therapy and alternative donor therapy for Fanconi Anemia; addressing how therapy affects disease phenotype, leukemogenesis and stem cell biology and function.
    Dr. Nofal completed a pediatric residency in the Children’s Hospital Zagazig university in Egypt, after which she worked as an assistant lecturer in the department of Pediatrics. During that time, she pursued specialty training in the Primary Immune Deficiency (PID) in Cairo University Children’s Hospital, where she developed her interests in immune-hematology, immune-deficiency and dysregulations. Dr. Nofal then moved to the US and completed a pediatric residency in St. John Hospital in MI where she continued to pursue her specialty interests during her rotations in the Comprehensive Immune-Hematology program in Mott Children’s Hospital in Ann Arbor, the Diagnostic Immunology Lab in Cincinnati Children’s Hospital, and the BMT center in Children’s Hospital LA. Dr. Nofal then joined the pediatric hematology oncology program at UCSF Benioff Children’s Hospital with focus on immune-hematology, BMF syndromes, non-malignant and in-utero transplant.

  • Rameshwar (Ram) Rao MD PhD

    Rameshwar (Ram) Rao MD PhD

    Postdoctoral Medical Fellow, Hematology-Oncology
    Fellow in Pediatrics - Hematology & Oncology

    BioMy scientific training spans over a decade of published research in the fields of vascularized bone tissue engineering, biomineralization, gene therapy, and spectral ultrasound. I earned my BS from UC Davis and MS/PhD in Biomedical Engineering at the University of Michigan. I have aimed to form highly collaborative and multidisciplinary research groups at each level of training. This work has resulted in 21 publications, award-winning manuscripts, and multiple national conference research awards. My successful research career began during my undergraduate studies where my work in Prof. Kent Leach’s lab resulted in 3 publications and the Department of Biomedical Engineering Outstanding Undergraduate Research Award. My graduate thesis under the guidance of Prof. Jan Stegemann resulted in 12 publications (7 as first author) in high quality, peer-reviewed journals in the fields of engineering and biotechnology. My graduate studies were funded by an NIH T32 Training grant and the NSF Graduate Research Fellowship. My graduate work culminated in the 2013 Outstanding PhD Research Award from the Society for Biomaterials (SFB) and the 2013 Outstanding Student Award from the Tissue Engineering and Regenerative Medicine Society (TERMIS). Recognizing the gap in translation of bioengineering research into clinical practice, I opted to pursue an MD at the University of Michigan to become the physician-scientist that identifies clinical problems, engineers the solution, and delivers it back to the patient to advance treatments and improve survival outcomes. My success continued through medical school with 4 clinical research manuscripts and Graduation with Distinction in Research, awarded to 10% of the class.

    In the next phase of my training, I will complete my fellowship in Pediatric Hematology/Oncology at Stanford through the Accelerated Research Pathway by the American Board of Pediatrics. Prof. Sarah Heilshorn, Associate Chair of Materials Science at Stanford, will be my primary research and career development mentor. Together, we have designed an innovative approach targeting the extracellular matrix to improve survival outcomes in pediatric osteosarcoma.

  • Ece Canan Sayitoglu

    Ece Canan Sayitoglu

    Postdoctoral Scholar, Stem Cell Transplantation

    BioExperienced Postdoctoral Researcher with a demonstrated history of working with genetically modified immune cells. Skilled in Genome Editing/Crispr, Multi-color Flow Cytometry, Molecular Biology, Cell Culture and Immunotherapy.