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  • Michael Peskin

    Michael Peskin

    Professor of Particle Physics and Astrophysics

    BioI am a theoretical physicist interested in elementary particles and the fundamental interactions. My main research interests are:

    consequences of the "Standard Model of particle physics"

    precision study of the heaviest known elementary particles - the W and Z bosons, the top quark, and the Higgs boson - to search for clues to new fundamental interactions beyond the Standard Model

    models of such new interactions, especially models with composite or strongly interacting Higgs bosons

    models for the particle that composes the dark matter of the universe

    I am the author of a leading textbook in this area, "An Introduction to Quantum Field Theory", with Daniel Schroeder. My new textbook, "Concepts of Elementary Particle Physics", should be appearing soon.

    For further information about my research activities, interests, Stanford courses, and related subjects, please see my web page: