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  • Erik Limpitlaw

    Erik Limpitlaw

    Digtial Collections Licensing Librarian, Acquisitions Department

    Current Role at StanfordThe primary responsibility of the Digital Collections Licensing Librarian is to review and negotiate e-resource licenses and related documents on behalf of SUL with publishers, resource aggregators, data sources and other service providers. The Librarian works to ensure that the terms of these agreements meet SUL’s and Stanford’s policies and requirements, that their terms of use are consistent with the needs of Stanford faculty, students, and staff, and that the cost meets SUL’s funding capabilities and is the best available negotiated price. The Digital Collections Licensing Librarian recommends to the Associate University Librarians [AULs] for Collections, the Deputy University Librarian and/or the University Librarian whether or not a proposed license is acceptable and whether there are any issues to consider.

    The Digital Collections Licensing Librarian also serves, as needed and as appropriate, on SUL committees or other groups addressing Stanford’s e-resource needs, planning, and evaluation. The Digital Collections Licensing Librarian serves as the liaison for e-resource matters to the relevant counterparts in Stanford’s Coordinate Libraries (Crown Law, Lane Medical, and Graduate School of Business).