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  • Julie Sweetkind-Singer

    Julie Sweetkind-Singer

    Library Mgr 1, Earth Sciences Library

    Current Role at StanfordI am the Head of the Branner Earth Sciences Library and Map Collections. I oversee the geospatial and cartographic resources with the Stanford University Libraries. My subject specialization is in cartographic and geospatial resources. I am interested in the long-term preservation of geospatial and scientific data.

  • Jerry McBride

    Jerry McBride

    Head Librarian, Music Library

    Current Role at StanfordHead Librarian, Music Library and Archive of Recorded Sound

  • Regina Lee Roberts

    Regina Lee Roberts

    Librarian for Communication & Journalism, Anthropology, FGSS, & Lusophone Africa, Social Sciences Resource Group

    Current Role at StanfordLibrarian for Anthropology, Communication & Journalism, Feminist Studies, & Lusophone Africa.

  • Glynn Edwards

    Glynn Edwards

    Assistant Director, Special Collections

    Current Role at StanfordThe Assistant Director in the Department of Special Collections & University Archives is in charge of the Collection Services Division the libraries' born- and acquired-digital programs. Collection Services staff work collaboratively with over 20 subject specialists and curators throughout the library; we take in an average of 1,800 linear feet - or 2.5 million documents - a year. The focus is on collection management as well as discovery and access including: acquisitions, cataloging and processing of incoming material in any format - from rare books and papyrus fragments to artifacts and computer media. We also manage all digitization projects and descriptive metadata for special collections materials in conjunction with subject specialists and the digital library group.

    The departments' Born-Digital Program collaborates with Digital Libraries Systems and Services as well as the libraries' Metadata Development Unit. Our department also directs the ePADD Project - developing software to acquire, process and deliver email archives in our collections. The software (Version 4.0) came out in summer 2017.

  • Daniel Hartwig

    Daniel Hartwig

    Librarian 4, Special Collections

    Current Role at StanfordFormulate, direct, and administer collection development policy and program for archival and manuscript collections pertaining to Stanford University

    Manage institutional information for President’s Office, Provost’s Office, Board of Trustees, Office of Development, Planning Office, and Stanford Alumni Association

    Administer all public service related to access and interpretation of the holdings of University Archives, including instruction, reference, web presence, exhibits, reproduction policies, and publications.

    Identify and cultivate donors

    Formulate, direct, and administer policy and program related to administrative records management, records transfer, and information retrieval; establish and administer policies on restrictions and access to records

    Develop and maintain programs of digitization of appropriate holdings of the University Archives

    Develop and maintain relationships with key University and University-related committees

    Supervise University Archives staff and Stanford Historical Society staff

  • Hannah Frost

    Hannah Frost

    Manager, Digital Library Product and Service Management, Library Technology

    Current Role at StanfordI develop and manage products and services that enable students, faculty, librarians, archivists and academic staff to publish, preserve and provide long-term access to digital content.

    I am a proud member of the Digital Library Systems and Services team led by Tom Cramer. I work on the Stanford Digital Repository, collaborating closely with Data Management Services and supporting broad-based academic initiatives such as the Electronic Dissertation system. I established and manage the Stanford Media Preservation Lab, a model among cultural heritage institutions for the provision of top-tier audiovisual preservation and access services.

  • Michael G Olson

    Michael G Olson

    Product/Prog Mgr 3, Library Technology

    Current Role at StanfordService Manager, Born-Digital / Forensics Lab
    Digital Library Systems and Services,
    Liaison to Department of Special Collections, Hopkins Marine Station, East Asia Library

    In my role as service manager I work with librarians, faculty, donors, and archivists to develop policies, workflows and procedures to acquire, preserve, and make born digital content available for researchers. This includes managing a budget to acquire lab technologies for our digital archivists and working with my Stanford colleagues to develop a catalog of services to support library acquisitions (see Current projects that are in process include implementation of the BitCurator Bulk Extractor in our production workflows, defining our security policies and audit processes for acquired content and automating the process for depositing our preserved software into the Stanford Digital Repository.

  • Peter Mangiafico

    Peter Mangiafico

    Product Manager, Library Technology

    Current Role at StanfordProduct Manager, Revs Project, Digital Library Systems and Services, Stanford Libraries