Chunyang Ding is a physicist working on novel implementations of quantum computing, currently living in Redwood City, CA. He graduated from Yale University with a B.S. in Physics (Intensive), and had worked in the labs of Professors Michel Devoret (superconducting qubits, microwave resonators), Nir Navon (ultracold atoms, MOT for Potassium), and Marla Geha (satelite galaxies, statistical analysis). He was previously an associate physicist at IonQ, a trapped ion quantum computing startup associated with Chris Monroe and Jungsang Kim, and is now a PhD student at Stanford/University of Chicago, working on novel fluxonium gate schemes in the lab of Professor David Schuster.

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  • Tunable Inductive Coupler for High-Fidelity Gates Between Fluxonium Qubits PRX QUANTUM Zhang, H., Ding, C., Weiss, D. K., Huang, Z., Ma, Y., Guinn, C., Sussman, S., Chitta, S., Chen, D., Houck, A. A., Koch, J., Schuster, D. I. 2024; 5 (2)
  • Experimental advances with the QICK (Quantum Instrumentation Control Kit) for superconducting quantum hardware PHYSICAL REVIEW RESEARCH Ding, C., Di Federico, M., Hatridge, M., Houck, A., Leger, S., Martinez, J., Miao, C., Schuster, D., Stefanazzi, L., Stoughton, C., Sussman, S., Treptow, K., Uemura, S., Wilcer, N., Zhang, H., Zhou, C., Cancelo, G. 2024; 6 (1)
  • Fast High-Fidelity Gates for Galvanically-Coupled Fluxonium Qubits Using Strong Flux Modulation PRX QUANTUM Weiss, D. K., Zhang, H., Ding, C., Ma, Y., Schuster, D. I., Koch, J. 2022; 3 (4)
  • The QICK (Quantum Instrumentation Control Kit): Readout and control for qubits and detectors REVIEW OF SCIENTIFIC INSTRUMENTS Stefanazzi, L., Treptow, K., Wilcer, N., Stoughton, C., Bradford, C., Uemura, S., Zorzetti, S., Montella, S., Cancelo, G., Sussman, S., Houck, A., Saxena, S., Arnaldi, H., Agrawal, A., Zhang, H., Ding, C., Schuster, D. 2022; 93 (4)

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