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  • Artificial Non-Abelian Lattice Gauge Fields for Photons in the Synthetic Frequency Dimension. Physical review letters Cheng, D., Wang, K., Fan, S. 2023; 130 (8): 083601


    Non-Abelian gauge fields give rise to nontrivial topological physics. Here we develop a scheme to create an arbitrary SU(2) lattice gauge field for photons in the synthetic frequency dimension using an array of dynamically modulated ring resonators. The photon polarization is taken as the spin basis to implement the matrix-valued gauge fields. Using a non-Abelian generalization of the Harper-Hofstadter Hamiltonian as a specific example, we show that the measurement of the steady-state photon amplitudes inside the resonators can reveal the band structures of the Hamiltonian, which show signatures of the underlying non-Abelian gauge field. These results provide opportunities to explore novel topological phenomena associated with non-Abelian lattice gauge fields in photonic systems.

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  • Optical Neural Network Architecture for Deep Learning with Temporal Synthetic Dimension CHINESE PHYSICS LETTERS Peng, B., Yan, S., Cheng, D., Yu, D., Liu, Z., Yakovlev, V. V., Yuan, L., Chen, X. 2023; 40 (3)
  • Technologically feasible quasi-edge states and topological Bloch oscillation in the synthetic space OPTICS EXPRESS Wu, X., Wang, L., Li, G., Cheng, D., Yu, D., Zheng, Y., Yakovlev, V. V., Yuan, L., Chen, X. 2022; 30 (14): 24924-24935

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  • Truncation-dependent PT phase transition for the edge states of a two-dimensional non-Hermitian system PHYSICAL REVIEW B Cheng, D., Peng, B., Xiao, M., Chen, X., Yuan, L., Fan, S. 2022; 105 (20)
  • Low temperature open-air plasma deposition of amorphous tin oxide for perovskite solar cells THIN SOLID FILMS Zhao, O., Ding, Y., Cheng, D., Zhang, J., Hilt, F., Rolston, N., Jiang, G., Dauskardt, R. H. 2021; 730
  • Arbitrary synthetic dimensions via multiboson dynamics on a one-dimensional lattice PHYSICAL REVIEW RESEARCH Cheng, D., Peng, B., Wang, D., Chen, X., Yuan, L., Fan, S. 2021; 3 (3)