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  • Deep Learning Classification of Touch Gestures Using Distributed Normal and Shear Force Choi, H., Brouwer, D., Lin, M. A., Yoshida, K. T., Rognon, C., Stephens-Fripp, B., Okamura, A. M., Cutkosky, M. R., IEEE IEEE. 2022: 3659-3665
  • From grasping to manipulation with gecko-inspired adhesives on a multifinger gripper. Science robotics Ruotolo, W., Brouwer, D., Cutkosky, M. R. 1800; 6 (61): eabi9773


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  • A Stretchable Tactile Sleeve for Reaching Into Cluttered Spaces IEEE ROBOTICS AND AUTOMATION LETTERS Gruebele, A. M., Lin, M. A., Brouwer, D., Yuan, S., Zerbe, A. C., Cutkosky, M. R. 2021; 6 (3): 5308-5315