GARRY SOTNIK is a Lecturer with the Sustainability Science and Practice (SUST) Program in the Doerr School of Sustainability. He is a systems scientist with research focused on identifying robust adaptation strategies in contexts defined by deep uncertainty and global climate change. Garry develops and implements agent-based computer simulation models that explore co-evolutionary interactions among human cognition and behavior, on the one end, and biophysical conditions, on the other. Garry co-manages the Sustainability Leadership Practicum, co-teaches a course on Managing Complex Social-Environmental Systems, and will soon co-teach a course on Decision Making for Sustainability.

Academic Appointments

  • Lecturer, ChangeX

All Publications

  • A new agent-based model offers insight into population-wide adoption of prosocial common-pool behavior JOURNAL OF MATHEMATICAL SOCIOLOGY Sotnik, G., Shannon, T., Wakeland, W. 2022
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  • The Doubly-Bounded Rationality of an Artificial Agent and its Ability to Represent the Bounded Rationality of a Human Decision-Maker in Policy-Relevant Situations JOURNAL OF EXPERIMENTAL & THEORETICAL ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE Sotnik, G. 2020; 32 (5): 727-749
  • The SOSIEL Platform: Knowledge-based, cognitive, and multi-agent BIOLOGICALLY INSPIRED COGNITIVE ARCHITECTURES Sotnik, G. 2018; 26: 103-117