Garry Sotnik is a lecturer at the Stanford Doerr School of Sustainability, teaching human adaptation to climate change, decision-making, and transformative societal change. His experience studying social systems and how they change spans multiple topics and continents, ranging from poverty alleviation in the Middle East to human adaptation to policy and climate change in the United States and Ukraine. A Fulbright Award recipient, Garry led applied and theoretical research funded by the United Nations, the World Bank, and the USDA. He also published in various journals, including Sustainability Science, PNAS, and Nature Climate Change.

Academic Appointments

  • Lecturer, Change Leadership for Sustainability

All Publications

  • How to help Ukrainian scientists overcome Russia's invasion and advance sustainability. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America Sotnik, G., Spinova, Y., Sotnik, T., Polotska, O., Kysil, O., Krakovska, S., Diachuk, O., Bezvershenko, Y., Berezko, O., Beldavs, V., Andrusevych, A. 2023; 120 (6): e2219792120

    View details for DOI 10.1073/pnas.2219792120

    View details for PubMedID 36735758

  • The Role of Social Identity in a Population's Adoption of Prosocial Common-Pool Behavior Journal of Artificial Societies and Social Simulation Sotnik, G., Choporov, S., Shannon, T. 2023; 26 (3)

    View details for DOI 10.18564/jasss.5132

  • A new agent-based model offers insight into population-wide adoption of prosocial common-pool behavior JOURNAL OF MATHEMATICAL SOCIOLOGY Sotnik, G., Shannon, T., Wakeland, W. 2022
  • A global assessment of policy tools to support climate adaptation CLIMATE POLICY Ulibarri, N., Ajibade, I., Galappaththi, E. K., Joe, E., Lesnikowski, A., Mach, K. J., Musah-Surugu, J., Alverio, G., Segnon, A. C., Siders, A. R., Sotnik, G., Campbell, D., Chalastani, V., Jagannathan, K., Khavhagali, V., Reckien, D., Shang, Y., Singh, C., Zommers, Z., Global Adaptation Mapping Initiati 2021
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  • Practices in Social Ecological Research: Interdisciplinary Collaboration in 'Adaptive Doing' (Book Review) SOCIETY & NATURAL RESOURCES Book Review Authored by: Sotnik, G. 2021
  • A new agent-based model provides insight into deep uncertainty faced in simulated forest management LANDSCAPE ECOLOGY Sotnik, G., Cassell, B. A., Duveneck, M. J., Scheller, R. M. 2021
  • A transdisciplinary typology of change identifies new categories of adaptations and forms of co-adaptation in coupled human and natural systems SUSTAINABILITY SCIENCE Sotnik, G., Fischer, A., Ibanez, I., Cousins, S. M. 2021; 16 (5): 1609-1623
  • The Doubly-Bounded Rationality of an Artificial Agent and its Ability to Represent the Bounded Rationality of a Human Decision-Maker in Policy-Relevant Situations JOURNAL OF EXPERIMENTAL & THEORETICAL ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE Sotnik, G. 2020; 32 (5): 727-749
  • The SOSIEL Platform: Knowledge-based, cognitive, and multi-agent BIOLOGICALLY INSPIRED COGNITIVE ARCHITECTURES Sotnik, G. 2018; 26: 103-117