Hsiaolin Hsieh is a doctoral candidate at the Stanford Graduate School of Education. Her research is relevant to equity and fairness in education, especially for students classified as English learners (ELs). Formally trained in educational measurement and assessment, Ms. Hsieh has ample experience in the design, implementation, evaluation, and interpretation of tests in the K-12 context, and in large-scale data collection and analysis for projects examining upper elementary students’ literacy and reading comprehension. Her research draws on both qualitative approaches (e.g., interviews, think-aloud protocols, collaborative coding, classroom observations) and quantitative techniques (e.g., statistical modeling, and machine learning algorithms). Working in researcher-practitioner partnerships, she has examined students’ course pathways and classroom heterogeneity patterns in middle and high school and supported schools in improving their assessment, reclassification, and course designation practices to provide ELs with increased access to mathematics courses. Her work in multilingual classrooms is useful in examining how educational technology can be leveraged to assist student learning. Applying natural language processing and computational linguistics methods, she has analyzed complex student dialogic participation in the classrooms. Her findings speak to the importance of using student-student conversations in the classroom context to inform English proficiency classification decisions. She is the developer of LogoSearch, an online repository created to collect, archive, and evaluate student conversations, and the creator of visualizations intended to support educators in identifying effective ways of providing ELs with more equitable learning opportunities.

All Publications

  • Texting and tutoring: Short-term K-3 reading interventions during the pandemic JOURNAL OF EDUCATIONAL RESEARCH Silverman, R. D., Keane, K., Hsieh, H., Southerton, E., Scott, R. C., Brunskill, E. 2023
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  • How different are English learners from their native English-speaking peers? Evidence of equivalent lexical competence in classroom conversations INTERNATIONAL MULTILINGUAL RESEARCH JOURNAL Hsieh, H., Wiles, S., Solano-Flores, G. 2022
  • Long-term English learners’ mathematics course trajectories: downstream consequences of early remediation on college preparation International Multilingual Research Journal Biernacki, P. J., Altavilla, J., Kanopka, K., Hsieh, H., Solano-Flores, G. 2022
  • Understanding Their Language: Online Professional Development for Teachers of ELLs American Educator Rutherford-Quach, S., Kuo, A. C., Hsieh, H. 2018; 42