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  • Mid-infrared nonlinear optics in thin-film lithium niobate on sapphire OPTICA Mishra, J., McKenna, T. P., Ng, E., Stokowski, H. S., Jankowski, M., Langrock, C., Heydari, D., Mabuchi, H., Fejer, M. M., Safavi-Naeini, A. H. 2021; 8 (6): 921-924
  • Determination of Fermi Level Position at the Graphene/GaN Interface Using Electromodulation Spectroscopy ADVANCED MATERIALS INTERFACES Herman, A. P., Janicki, L., Stokowski, H. S., Rudzinski, M., Rozbiegala, E., Sobanska, M., Zytkiewicz, Z. R., Kudrawiec, R. 2020
  • Development of a Millimeter-Wave Transducer for Quantum Networks Multani, K. S., Stokowski, H., Snively, E., Patel, R., Jiang, W., Lee, N., Welander, P. B., Nanni, E. A., Safavi-Naeini, A. H., IEEE IEEE. 2020
  • Depletion Layer Built-In Field at (1-100), (0001), and (000-1) GaN/Water Junction and Its Role in Semiconductor Nanowire Water Splitting ADVANCED MATERIALS INTERFACES Stokowski, H., Janicki, L., Serafinczuk, J., Siekacz, M., Skierbiszewski, C., Kudrawiec, R. 2019; 6 (4)
  • Origin and annealing of deep-level defects in GaNAs grown by metalorganic vapor phase epitaxy JOURNAL OF APPLIED PHYSICS Gelczuk, L., Stokowski, H., Dabrowska-Szata, M., Kudrawiec, R. 2016; 119 (18)

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  • Bi-induced acceptor level responsible for partial compensation of native free electron density in InP1-xBix dilute bismide alloys JOURNAL OF PHYSICS D-APPLIED PHYSICS Gelczuk, L., Stokowski, H., Kopaczek, J., Zhang, L., Li, Y., Wang, K., Wang, P., Wang, S., Kudrawiec, R. 2016; 49 (11)