Lenny is a Computer Science Ph.D. Candidate advised by Pat Hanrahan and affiliated with the AHA! Agile Hardware Center. His research interests lie at the intersection of programming languages, compilers, and hardware design. Before joining the Stanford, Lenny was an undergraduate at UC Berkeley advised by Armando Fox and working with the ASPIRE Lab on building domain specific languages and specialized, just-in-time compilers.

All Publications

  • Creating an Agile Hardware Design Flow Bahr, R., Barrett, C., Bhagdikar, N., Carsello, A., Daly, R., Donovick, C., Durst, D., Fatahalian, K., Feng, K., Hanrahan, P., Hofstee, T., Horowitz, M., Huff, D., Kjolstad, F., Kong, T., Liu, Q., Mann, M., Melchert, J., Nayak, A., Niemetz, A., Nyengele, G., Raina, P., Richardson, S., Setaluri, R., Setter, J., Sreedhar, K., Strange, M., Thomas, J., Torng, C., Truong, L., Tsiskaridze, N., Zhang, K., IEEE IEEE. 2020
  • fault: A Python Embedded Domain-Specific Language for Metaprogramming Portable Hardware Verification Components International Conference on Computer Aided Verification Truong, L., Herbst, S., Setaluri, R., Mann, M., Daly, R., Zhang, K., Donovick, C., Stanley, D., Horowitz, M., Barrett, C., Hanrahan, P. 2020
  • SWIRL: High-performance many-core CPU code generation for deep neural networks INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF HIGH PERFORMANCE COMPUTING APPLICATIONS Venkat, A., Rusira, T., Barik, R., Hall, M., Truong, L. 2019