I was born and raised in central Mexico, in a state called Guanajuato. Although I was trained as an engineer due to social circumstances, my passion always resided in the natural world and the way to understand it that physics offered. Guided by this passion, I did my Ph.D. with Rob Phillips at Caltech, working at the interface between physics and biology. For my postdoc, I want to bring the Physical Biology mindset to the question of evolution. That is why I joined Dmitri Petrov's lab to study the evolutionary dynamics of microbial populations from a theory-experiment dialogue perspective.

Honors & Awards

  • Schmidt Science Fellow, Schmidt Science Fellows (2021)

Professional Education

  • BSc, Instituto Politecnico Nacional (Mexico), Biotech. engineering (2014)
  • Ph.D., Caltech, Biophysics (2021)

Stanford Advisors

Community and International Work

  • Clubes de Ciencia Mexico, Mexico


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