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  • Beyond the DNA binding domain: How do intrinsically disordered regions within transcription factors impact DNA binding specificity? Biophysical journal Hayes, M. G., Fordyce, P. 2023; 122 (3S1): 217a

    View details for DOI 10.1016/j.bpj.2022.11.1295

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  • Short tandem repeats recruit transcription factors to tune eukaryotic gene expression Horton, C. A., Alexandari, A. M., Hayes, M. G., Schaepe, J. M., Marklund, E., Shah, N., Aditham, A. K., Shrikumar, A., Afek, A., Greenleaf, W. J., Gordan, R., Zeitlinger, J., Kundaje, A., Fordyce, P. M. CELL PRESS. 2022: 287A-288A