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  • Biomarkers of aging for the identification and evaluation of longevity interventions. Cell Moqri, M., Herzog, C., Poganik, J. R., Biomarkers of Aging Consortium, Justice, J., Belsky, D. W., Higgins-Chen, A., Moskalev, A., Fuellen, G., Cohen, A. A., Bautmans, I., Widschwendter, M., Ding, J., Fleming, A., Mannick, J., Han, J. J., Zhavoronkov, A., Barzilai, N., Kaeberlein, M., Cummings, S., Kennedy, B. K., Ferrucci, L., Horvath, S., Verdin, E., Maier, A. B., Snyder, M. P., Sebastiano, V., Gladyshev, V. N. 2023; 186 (18): 3758-3775


    With the rapid expansion of aging biology research, the identification and evaluation of longevity interventions in humans have become key goals of this field. Biomarkers of aging are critically important tools in achieving these objectives over realistic time frames. However, the current lack of standards and consensus on the properties of a reliable aging biomarker hinders their further development and validation for clinical applications. Here, we advance a framework for the terminology and characterization of biomarkers of aging, including classification and potential clinical use cases. We discuss validation steps and highlight ongoing challenges as potential areas in need of future research. This framework sets the stage for the development of valid biomarkers of aging and their ultimate utilization in clinical trials and practice.

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  • Organ-specific aging and the risk of chronic diseases. Nature medicine Moqri, M., Snyder, M. 2023

    View details for DOI 10.1038/s41591-023-02338-z

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  • The Blood Plasma Lipidome: Distinct Molecular signatures delineate metabolic health in a cross-sectional human cohort Hornburg, D. under review. 0000
  • AgeIndex, a whole-genome epigenetic aging and rejuvenation index Moqri, M. under review. 0000