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  • How Should US Health Care Lead Global Change in Plastic Waste Disposal? AMA journal of ethics Jain, N., LaBeaud, D. 2022; 24 (10): E986-993


    Disposal of health care waste is one of the biggest threats to global sustainable health care. Current practices of dumping domestic and international health care waste into the earth's terra firma and oceans also undermine global health equity by adversely affecting the health of vulnerable communities. While the United Kingdom works toward circular health care economy streams that produce minimal waste, the United States continues to amplify downstream environmental and health effects of health care organizational waste management decisions. This article suggests how to reframe social and ethical responsibility for health care waste production and management by assigning strict accountability to health care organizational leaders, incentivizing circular supply chain implementation and maintenance, and encouraging strong collaborations across medical, plastic, and waste industries.

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  • Tipping cancer cells over the edge: the context-dependent cost of high ploidy. Cancer research Andor, N., Altrock, P. M., Jain, N., Gomes, A. P. 2021


    Tetraploidy is an aneuploidy-permissive condition that can fuel tumorgenesis. The tip-over hypothesis of cytotoxic therapy-sensitivity proposes that therapy is effective if it pushes a cell's aneuploidy above a viable tipping point. But elevated aneuploidy alone may not account for this tipping point. Tissue micro-environments (TMEs) that lack sufficient resources to support tetraploid cells can explain the fitness cost of aneuploidy. Raw materials needed to generate deoxynucleotides, the building blocks of DNA, are candidate rate-limiting factors for the evolution of high-ploidy cancer cells. Understanding the resource cost of high ploidy is key to uncover its therapeutic vulnerabilities across tissue sites with versatile energy supplies.

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  • COVID-19 Solutions Are Climate Solutions: Lessons From Reusable Gowns Frontiers in Public Health Baker, N. M., Bromley-Dulfano, R., Chan, J., Gupta, A., Herman, L., Jain, N., Taylor, A. L., Lu, J., Pannu, J., Patel, L., Prunicki, M. 2020