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  • Seaweed blue carbon: Ready? Or Not? MARINE POLICY Fujita, R., Augyte, S., Bender, J., Brittingham, P., Buschmann, A. H., Chalfin, M., Collins, J., Davis, K. A., Gallagher, J., Gentry, R., Gruby, R. L., Kleisner, K., Moritsch, M., Price, N., Roberson, L., Taylor, J., Yarish, C. 2023; 155
  • Toward an environmentally responsible offshore aquaculture industry in the United States: Ecological risks, remedies, and knowledge gaps MARINE POLICY Fujita, R., Brittingham, P., Cao, L., Froehlich, H., Thompson, M., Voorhees, T. 2023; 147