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  • A study on observed ultrasonic motor-induced magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) artifacts Elsevier - Biomedical Journal Shokrollahi, P., et al 2019
  • Signal-to-noise ratio evaluation of magnetic resonance images in the presence of an ultrasonic motor Biomedical Engineering Shokrollahi, P., et al 2017
  • Ultrasonic motor-induced geometric distortions in magnetic resonance images Medical & Biological Engineering & Computing Shokrollahi, P., et al 2017
  • Measuring the Temperature Increase of an Ultrasonic Motor in a 3-Tesla Magnetic Resonance Imaging System Multidisciplinary Digital Publishing Institute - Actuators Shokrollahi, P., et al 2017
  • Quantification of Force and Torque Applied by a High-Field Magnetic Resonance Imaging System on an Ultrasonic Motor for MRI-Guided Robot-Assisted Interventions Medical & Biological Engineering & Computing - Actuators Shokrollahi, P., et al 2017