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  • Evaluation of subgrid-scale models in decaying rotating stratified turbulence JOURNAL OF TURBULENCE Jadhav, K., Agrawal, R., Chandy, A. J. 2024
  • Stable, entropy-consistent, and localized artificial-diffusivity method for capturing discontinuities Physical Review Fluids Jain, S. S., Agrawal, R., Moin, P. 2024
  • Non-Boussinesq subgrid-scale model with dynamic tensorial coefficients PHYSICAL REVIEW FLUIDS Agrawal, R., Whitmore, M. P., Griffin, K. P., Bose, S. T., Moin, P. 2022; 7 (7)
  • Large eddy simulations of forced and stably stratified turbulence: Evolution, spectra, scaling, structures and shear International Journal of Heat and Fluid Flow Agrawal, R., Chandy, A. J. 2021; 89 (June 2021)
  • Turbulent cascade, bottleneck, and thermalized spectrum in hyperviscous flows PHYSICAL REVIEW FLUIDS Agrawal, R., Alexakis, A., Brachet, M. E., Tuckerman, L. S. 2020; 5 (2)