Dr. Martínez explores the intersections of language, race, and ideology in the public schooling experiences of students of color, with a particular focus on bi/multilingual Chicana/o and Latina/o children and youth. His research examines: (1) the everyday language and literacy practices of students of color, and the ways that these practices overlap with the forms of language and literacy privileged in academic settings; (2) the competing ideologies that inform language policy and classroom practice in urban schools, including the ways that students and teachers in these schools articulate, embody, and challenge such ideologies in their everyday interactions; and (3) the preparation of pre-service and in-service teachers to work with culturally and linguistically diverse learners. He has published articles in journals such as Linguistics and Education, Research in the Teaching of English, Anthropology & Education Quarterly, Teachers College Record, and Review of Research in Education.

Academic Appointments

Administrative Appointments

  • Assistant Professor, Stanford Graduate School of Education (2015 - Present)

Boards, Advisory Committees, Professional Organizations

  • Elementary School Teacher, Los Angeles Unified School District (1996 - 2002)
  • English Teacher, Prague, Czech Republic (2002 - 2003)
  • English Teacher, Mexico City, Mexico (2003 - 2004)
  • Adjunct Instructor, Teacher Education Program, University of California, Los Angeles (2004 - 2008)
  • Adjunct Instructor, Linguistics Department and Teacher Education Department, California State University, Long Beach (2007 - 2008)
  • Assistant Professor, Department of Curriculum and Instruction, University of Texas at Austin (2009 - 2015)

Professional Education

  • PhD, University of California, Los Angeles, Education (2009)
  • MEd, University of California, Los Angeles, Education (1997)
  • BA, University of California, San Diego, Literature (1994)

Research Interests

  • Achievement
  • Diversity and Identity
  • Educational Policy
  • Immigrants and Immigration
  • Literacy and Language
  • Poverty and Inequality
  • Sociology
  • Teachers and Teaching

All Publications

  • Beyond the English Learner Label: Recognizing the Richnessof Bi/Multilingual Students' LinguisticRepertoires READING TEACHER Martinez, R. 2018; 71 (5): 515–22

    View details for DOI 10.1002/trtr.1679

    View details for Web of Science ID 000426294500002

  • <bold>"</bold>Are you gonna show this to white people?': Chicana/o and Latina/o students' counter-narratives on race, place, and representation RACE ETHNICITY AND EDUCATION Martinez, R. A. 2017; 20 (1): 101-116
  • Unpacking ideologies of linguistic purism: How dual language teachers make sense of everyday translanguaging International Multilingual Research Journal Martínez, R. A., Hikida, M., Durán, L. 2015; 9 (1): 26-42
  • A digital tool grows (and keeps growing) from the work of a community of writers Reading & Writing Quarterly Roser, N. L., Wetzel, M. M., Martínez, R. A., Price-Dennis, D. 2015; 31 (2): 185-200
  • ¿ Puras Groserías?: Rethinking the Role of Profanity and Graphic Humor in Latin@ Students' Bilingual Wordplay Anthropology & Education Quarterly Martínez, R. A., Morales, Z. 2014; 45 (4): 337-354
  • Reframing the debate on language separation: Toward a vision for translanguaging pedagogies in the dual language classroom The Modern Language Journal Palmer, D. K., Martínez, R. A., Mateus, S. G., Henderson, K. 2014; 98 (3): 757-772
  • “Do they even know that they do it?”: Exploring awareness of Spanish-English code-switching in a sixth-grade English language arts classroom Bilingual Research Journal Martínez, R. A. 2014; 37 (2): 195-210
  • Language Brokering and Translanguaging: Lessons on Leveraging Students' Linguistic Competencies Language Arts Orellana, M. F., Martínez, D. C., Martínez, R. A. 2014; 91 (5): 311
  • Reading the world in Spanglish: Hybrid language practices and ideological contestation in a sixth-grade English language arts classroom Linguistics and Education Martínez, R. A. 2013; 24 (3): 276-288
  • Teacher agency in bilingual spaces: A fresh look at preparing teachers to educate Latina/o bilingual children Review of Research in Education Palmer, D., Martínez, R. A. 2013; 37 (1): 269-297
  • Zoned for Change: A Historical Case Study of the Belmont Zone of Choice. Teachers College Record Martínez, R. A., Quartz, K. H. 2012; 114 (10): n10
  • ' Spanglish ' as Literacy Tool: Toward an Understanding of the Potential Role of Spanish-English Code-Switching in the Development of Academic Literacy Research in the Teaching of English Martínez, R. A. 2010: 124-149