Stanford Advisors

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  • A framework for understanding efficient diurnal CO2 reduction using Si and GaAs photocathodes CHEM CATALYSIS Yap, K. K., Lee, S., Steiner, M. A., Acosta, J., Kang, D., Kim, D., Warren, E. L., Nielander, A. C., Jaramillo, T. F. 2023; 3 (6)
  • Sputtered PbI2 with Post-Processing for Perovskite Solar Cells SOLAR RRL Hwang, J., Lee, S., Lee, W., Bae, S., Kang, D., Jeong, S., Lee, S., Pyun, D., Hwang, J., Cho, S., Kim, D., Kang, Y., Lee, H. 2023
  • First Demonstration of Top Contact-Free Perovskite/Silicon Two-Terminal Tandem Solar Cells for Overcoming the Current Density Hurdle ACS APPLIED ENERGY MATERIALS Pyun, D., Lee, S., Kim, Y., Jang, G., Choi, D., Jeong, S., Song, H., Lee, S., Cho, S., Kim, J., Kang, D., Lee, H., Hyun, J., Lee, C., Park, H., Hwang, J., Lee, W., Jeon, N., Seo, J., Kang, Y., Kim, D., Lee, H. 2023