I got my PhD from North Carolina State University in Dec, 2019. My advisor was Dr. Frank Mueller (, a world-leading expert in High Performance Computing and Realtime System. Since my PhD graduation, I have been working on the ENCODE and PsychENCODE projects with Dr. Michael Snyder ( and many other top scientists in Human Genetics, Neurology and Psychology. Data-driven Precision Medicine is the future medicine and I am really excited to make my contributions.

Current Role at Stanford

Project Manager & Scientific Co-lead, PsychENCODE Project
Lead, AI & HPC toolkits for Biomedical Sciences
ENCODE and PsychENCODE Project Data Manager
Research Scientist, US Veteran Affairs Hospital

Institute Affiliations

Honors & Awards

  • Distinguished Employee, Department of Genetics, Stanford (2020)

Education & Certifications

  • Ph.D., North Carolina State University, Computer Science (2019)

Professional Interests

Computer Science, NeuroScience, Data-driven Precision Medicine, Education, Linguistics, Philosophy