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  • Rapid surface kinetics enhancement via flash light sintering for low-temperature solid oxide fuel cells JOURNAL OF ALLOYS AND COMPOUNDS Hong, S., Lim, Y., Lee, H., Chung, W., Hwang, H., Kim, H., Kim, Y. 2019; 778: 337–44
  • Co-sputtered nanocomposite nickel cermet anode for high-performance low-temperature solid oxide fuel cells JOURNAL OF POWER SOURCES Lim, Y., Lee, H., Hong, S., Kim, Y. 2019; 412: 160–69
  • Grain-Controlled Gadolinia-Doped Ceria (GDC) Functional Layer for Interface Reaction Enhanced Low-Temperature Solid Oxide Fuel Cells. ACS applied materials & interfaces Hong, S. n., Yang, H. n., Lim, Y. n., Prinz, F. B., Kim, Y. B. 2019


    In this Research Article, gadolinia-doped ceria (GDC), which is a highly catalyzed oxide ionic conductor, was explored to further improve oxygen surface reaction rates using a grain-controlled layer (GCL) concept. Typically, GDC materials have been used as a cathode functional layer by coating the GDC between the electrode and electrolyte to accelerate the oxygen reduction reaction (ORR). To further improve the oxygen surface kinetics of the GDC cathodic layer, we modified the grain boundary density and crystallinity developed in the GDC layer by adjusting RF power conditions during the sputtering process. This approach revealed that engineered nanograins of GDC thin films directly affected ORR kinetics by catalyzing the oxygen surface reaction rate, significantly enhancing the fuel cell performance. Using this innovative concept, the fuel cells fabricated with a GDC GCL demonstrated a peak power density of 240 mW/cm2 at 450 °C.

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  • Thermally stable current-collecting silver grid coated with ceramic-capping layer for low-temperature solid oxide fuel cells CERAMICS INTERNATIONAL Hong, S., Lim, Y., Prinz, F. B., Kim, Y. 2018; 44 (18): 22212–18
  • A homogeneous grain-controlled ScSZ functional layer for high performance low-temperature solid oxide fuel cells JOURNAL OF MATERIALS CHEMISTRY A Hong, S., Son, J., Lim, Y., Yang, H., Prinz, F. B., Kim, Y. 2018; 6 (34): 16506–14

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