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  • Discrete Infomax Codes for Supervised Representation Learning. Entropy (Basel, Switzerland) Lee, Y., Kim, W., Park, W., Choi, S. 2022; 24 (4)


    For high-dimensional data such as images, learning an encoder that can output a compact yet informative representation is a key task on its own, in addition to facilitating subsequent processing of data. We present a model that produces discrete infomax codes (DIMCO); we train a probabilistic encoder that yields k-way d-dimensional codes associated with input data. Our model maximizes the mutual information between codes and ground-truth class labels, with a regularization which encourages entries of a codeword to be statistically independent. In this context, we show that the infomax principle also justifies existing loss functions, such as cross-entropy as its special cases. Our analysis also shows that using shorter codes reduces overfitting in the context of few-shot classification, and our various experiments show this implicit task-level regularization effect of DIMCO. Furthermore, we show that the codes learned by DIMCO are efficient in terms of both memory and retrieval time compared to prior methods.

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