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  • Correlated Hofstadter spectrum and flavour phase diagram in magic-angle twisted bilayer graphene NATURE PHYSICS Yu, J., Foutty, B. A., Han, Z., Barber, M. E., Schattner, Y., Watanabe, K., Taniguchi, T., Phillips, P., Shen, Z., Kivelson, S. A., Feldman, B. E. 2022
  • Pair-density-wave in the strong coupling limit of the Holstein-Hubbard model NPJ QUANTUM MATERIALS Huang, K. S., Han, Z., Kivelson, S. A., Yao, H. 2022; 7 (1)
  • Strong Coupling Limit of the Holstein-Hubbard Model. Physical review letters Han, Z., Kivelson, S. A., Yao, H. 2020; 125 (16): 167001


    We analyze the quantum phase diagram of the Holstein-Hubbard model using an asymptotically exact strong coupling expansion. We find all sorts of interesting phases including a pair-density wave, a charge 4e (and even a charge 6e) superconductor, regimes of phase separation, and a variety of distinct charge-density-wave, spin-density-wave, and superconducting regimes. We chart the crossovers that occur as a function of the degree of retardation, i.e., the ratio of characteristic phonon frequency to the strength of interactions.

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  • Strong Coupling Limit of the Holstein-Hubbard Model PHYSICAL REVIEW LETTERS Han, Z., Kivelson, S. A., Yao, H. 2020; 125 (16)
  • Charge density waves in a quantum plasma PHYSICAL REVIEW B Han, Z., Zhang, S., Dai, X. 2019; 100 (15)
  • Unsupervised Generative Modeling Using Matrix Product States PHYSICAL REVIEW X Han, Z., Wang, J., Fan, H., Wang, L., Zhang, P. 2018; 8 (3)