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  • Collin Wallace

    Collin Wallace


    BioI am a serial entrepreneur in the food & beverage space, and the CEO/Co-founder of ZeroStorefront. ZeroStorefront is the #1 Growth marketing software for restaurants. Purpose-built to measure marketing campaigns, segment customers and automate communications.

    Prior to ZeroStorefront, I was the Head of Innovation at GrubHub. I previously built four companies; one blew up, and three were acquired by companies like EatClub, Amcobi, and GrubHub. I am also an alumni of Harvard SVMP, Google Startup Accelerator, Techstars, and YCombinator.

    I studied Engineering at Georgia Tech and business at the Stanford Graduate School of Business. I’m an avid investor and mentor for startups, including PayJoy, Landed,, Skill-Lync, Taali, Hello Ava, AssetClass, Motion, PostureHealth, Moons, Homebase, Robinhood, Grab Taxi, and others. Today I live in San Mateo with my amazing wife Doris, daughter Zoelle and puppies Aspen & Penny.

  • Yuyan Wang

    Yuyan Wang

    Assistant Professor of Marketing at the Graduate School of Business

    BioYuyan Wang is an assistant professor of marketing at Stanford Graduate School of Business. She earned her PhD in Statistics from Princeton University’s Department of Operations Research & Financial Engineering, and holds a BS in Statistics from the Special Class for the Gifted Young program at the University of Science of Technology of China. With over six years of industry experience at Uber and Google Brain as a machine learning researcher, she focused on designing algorithms for understanding and improving the long-term values of recommender systems for Uber Eats and YouTube. Her work has been recognized with the Best Paper Award at Conference on Information Systems and Technology (CIST).