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  • Samya Sen, Ph.D.

    Samya Sen, Ph.D.

    Postdoctoral Scholar, Materials Science and Engineering

    Current Research and Scholarly InterestsSamya's research interests are primarily soft materials and complex fluids. He uses experimental techniques of fundamental rheology in conjunction with non-Newtonian fluid mechanics to model, characterize, design, and understand soft material behavior. The applications of his research range from yield-stress fluid design in consumer products, industrial materials, and wildfire suppression. His current research projects as a postdoctoral researcher with Prof. Appel is in the rheological of novel hydrogels for biomedical applications, including improved drug delivery. His focus is on developing transient, stimuli-responsive materials with tunable mechanical and mass transport properties which can be tuned in situ and in vitro for controlled drug-release profiles. He also works on mathematical modeling of mass transport, structural evolution, and constitutive behavior of polymeric and colloidal materials in the context of soft biomaterials.

  • Viktoryia Shautsova

    Viktoryia Shautsova

    Postdoctoral Scholar, Materials Science and Engineering

    BioViktoryia is a Stanford Science Fellow with a background in physics, nanotechnology, and material science. Viktoryia received her bachelor’s degree in computer science from Belarus State University and a PhD in physics from Imperial College London, followed by a postdoc in material science at Oxford University. Viktoryia's passion lies in building the next generation of bioelectronic devices that interface with the brain and heart. At Stanford, Viktoryia is part of GLAM and Wu Tsai Neuroscience Institute, working with Nick Melosh, Bianxiao Cui and Mark Brongersma to develop novel nanoscale devices for label-free optical sensing of bioelectrical signals produced by neural and cardiac cells and nongenetic optical stimulation of neural activity.

  • Nicholas Siemons

    Nicholas Siemons

    Postdoctoral Scholar, Materials Science and Engineering

    BioNicholas began his academic career by studying integrated Masters at University College, London. During this time he published his first article, "Multiple exciton generation in nanostructures for advanced photovoltaic cells" - a review of how to produce photovoltaics with greater than 100% internal efficiencies. Following this Nicholas began research into solar voltaics and organic batteries in the group of Prof. Jenny Nelson at Imperial College, London. During this time Nicholas developed his keen interest in how to relate the chemical design of polymers to their ability to function as battery electrode materials. To achieve this goal, Nicholas applies atomistic simulation methods to such polymer systems, and relates the simulated findings to experimental results, bridging the gap between chemistry and device properties. As well as linking molecular chemical design to device performance, Nicholas applies novel simulation and analysis methodologies to study these systems, including Molecular Dynamics, Density Functional Theory, Molecular Metadynamics and Network Analysis.