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  • Chiara Gasteiger

    Chiara Gasteiger

    Postdoctoral Scholar, Psychology

    BioChiara Gasteiger, P.h.D. is a SPARQ Postdoctoral Scholar in the Mind & Body Lab, led by Associate Professor Alia Crum. Chiara's doctoral thesis explored how the transition to biosimilars can be improved, with a focus on optimising patient-practitioner communication and the involvement of companions (support people).

    Chiara’s research aims to understand how the social environment influences the development of mindsets and how psycho-social forces can be harnessed to optimise people's mindsets about illness and improve health outcomes. She is also interested in understanding how changes in subjective mindsets can alter physiological mechanisms. Her other academic interests include patient-practitioner communication, patient expectations, funding and resource allocation in health and understanding how patients utilise social networks to cope with, manage and make sense of their illness.

    Chiara is not currently available to supervise graduate students. Please contact the Mind & Body Lab manager, Jesse Barrera, for enquires about joining the lab.

  • Lodewijk Gelauff

    Lodewijk Gelauff

    Postdoctoral Scholar, Communication

    BioLodewijk Gelauff is postdoctoral scholar at the Deliberative Democracy Lab in the Center on Democracy, Development and the Rule of Law. He is also a member of the Crowdsourced Democracy Team. He is a project lead of the Self-Moderating Platform for Online Deliberation, an online video chat platform that can scale small-group conversations with a structured agenda, and the Stanford Participatory Budgeting platform. His work focuses on online technologies for societal decision making.

    Lodewijk has been an active contributor and volunteer in the Wikipedia/Wikimedia community in various roles including as a founder and core organizer of the photography competition Wiki Loves Monuments, and was named the 2021 Wikimedia Laureate.

  • M. Elizabeth Grávalos

    M. Elizabeth Grávalos

    Postdoctoral Scholar, Anthropology

    BioDr. Grávalos is an anthropological archaeologist with over a decade of fieldwork and lab experience. Located at the intersection of materiality, landscape, and craft production, her research centers on the politics and sociality of making and using ceramic and textile objects. Dr. Grávalos is interested in how artisans embody, share, and contest technological and landscape knowledge across generations and between communities. Most recently, her work has focused on Casma potters on Peru's north coast (ca. 700-1440 CE) and Recuay artisans (100-700 CE) in Peru's north highlands.

    Since 2014, Dr. Grávalos has applied material science methods to the analysis of archaeological materials, including ceramic, glass, and stone. She is a specialist in laser ablation – inductively coupled plasma – mass spectrometry (LA-ICP-MS) and thin section petrography.

    She also conducts community-based archaeological fieldwork in Peru. Most recently, Dr. Grávalos co-directed the Proyecto de Investigación Arqueológica de Jecosh (PIAJ; Jecosh Archaeological Research Project) in highland Ancash, Peru, with colleagues Denisse Herrera Rondan and Emily A. Sharp. Learn more about this collaborative project with the descendant community of Jecosh/Poccrac here: