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  • Burcak Keskin Kozat

    Burcak Keskin Kozat

    Interim Associate Director, South Asian Studies
    Interim Associate Director, South Asian Studies

    BioAs interim Associate DIrector for Center for South Asia, I manage the center's academic programming, communications strategy, and K-12 professional development workshops. I also help create student learning opportunities, mentor student research, and provide guidance on donor relations, stewardship, prospect identification. Before this role, I served as Associate Director of University Corporate & Foundation Relations, where I helped develop and implement a foundation relations plan across Stanford schools and in collaboration with faculty, university staff, and external partners, and as Associate Director of Stanford's Abbasi Program in Islamic Studies and the Mediterranean Studies Forum, where I managed academic and curricular initiatives, communications strategy, annual budget, and strategic planning.

    Having been trained as a political and historical sociologist, I am interested in how power inequalities within and between communities shape, and are shaped by, the processes of identity formation and institution-building. My M.A. thesis at the University of Chicago explored how Turkey’s nationalist, Islamist, and feminist activists interacted with each other through the binarism of secular modernity and religious traditionalism, and thereby failed to challenge the predominant forms of discrimination within and beyond their particular communities. My dissertation at the University of Michigan-Ann Arbor focused on the limits of power and resistance in the context of foreign assistance programs and examined the conjunctural negotiation of power disparities in the case of the Marshall Plan in Turkey. Some of my research on religion, nationalism, modernization, and gender appeared in academic journals and books.

    I am an avid fan of Stanford Women's Basketball Team, and an enthusiastic steward of a little free library. I enjoy reading about information technology, international relations, photography, and street art.