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  • Curtis Langlotz

    Curtis Langlotz

    Professor of Radiology (Thoracic Imaging), of Biomedical Informatics Research and of Biomedical Data Science

    Current Research and Scholarly InterestsI am interested in the use of deep neural networks and other machine learning technologies to help radiologists detect disease and eliminate diagnostic errors. My laboratory is developing deep neural networks that detect and classify disease on medical images. We also develop natural language processing methods that use the narrative radiology report to create large annotated image training sets for supervised machine learning experiments.

  • Philip W. Lavori

    Philip W. Lavori

    Professor of Biomedical Data Science, Emeritus

    Current Research and Scholarly InterestsBiostatistics, clinical trials, longitudinal studies, casual inference from observational studies, genetic tissue banking, informed consent. Trial designs for dynamic (adaptive) treatment regimes, psychiatric research, cancer.

  • Laura C. Lazzeroni, Ph.D.

    Laura C. Lazzeroni, Ph.D.

    Professor (Research) of Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences and, by courtesy, of Biomedical Data Science

    Current Research and Scholarly InterestsStatistics/Data Science. I develop & apply models, methods & algorithms for complex data in medical science & biology. I am also interested in the interplay between fundamental statistical properties (e.g. variability, bias, p-values) & how scientists actually use & interpret data. My work in statistical genetics includes: the invention of Plaid bi-clustering for gene expression data; methods for twin, association, & family studies; multiple testing & estimation for high dimensional arrays.

  • Binglan Li

    Binglan Li

    Postdoctoral Scholar, Biomedical Data Sciences

    BioMy research interests primarily lie in two parts: 1) understanding genetic architecture of complex diseases and traits, and 2) clinical implementation of human genetics discoveries, for example, pharmacogenomics. I received my Ph.D. degree in Genomics and Computational Biology from University of Pennsylvania. My dissertation focused on identifying complex trait or disease-associated genes via genomic regulation-informed gene-based analyses. I am now a postdoctoral fellow in the Klein Lab (PharmGKB group). I am currently working on the Pharmacogenomics Clinical Annotation Tool (PharmCAT), a one-stop bioinformatics tool that analyzes pharmacogenomics variants from genotypic datasets and generates reports with genotype-based prescribing recommendations to supports clinical pharmacogenomics implementations and treatment decisions.

  • Ying Lu

    Ying Lu

    Professor of Biomedical Data Science and, by courtesy, of Epidemiology

    Current Research and Scholarly InterestsBiostatistics, clinical trials, statistical evaluation of medical diagnostic tests, radiology, osteoporosis, meta-analysis, medical decision making