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  • Tze Leung Lai

    Tze Leung Lai

    Ray Lyman Wilbur Professor and Professor, by courtesy, of Biomedical Data Science

    Current Research and Scholarly InterestsResearch interests include clinical trial design, cancer biostatistics, survival analysis, adaptation and sequential experimentation, change-point detection and segmentation, stochastic optimization, time series and inference on stochastic processes, hidden Markov models and genomic applications.

  • Philip W. Lavori

    Philip W. Lavori

    Professor of Biomedical Data Science, Emeritus

    Current Research and Scholarly InterestsBiostatistics, clinical trials, longitudinal studies, casual inference from observational studies, genetic tissue banking, informed consent. Trial designs for dynamic (adaptive) treatment regimes, psychiatric research, cancer.

  • Laura C. Lazzeroni, Ph.D.

    Laura C. Lazzeroni, Ph.D.

    Professor (Research) of Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences and of Biomedical Data Science

    Current Research and Scholarly InterestsStatistics/Data Science. I develop & apply models, methods & algorithms for complex data in medical science & biology. I am also interested in the interplay between fundamental statistical properties (e.g. variability, bias, p-values) & how scientists actually use & interpret data. My work in statistical genetics includes: the invention of Plaid bi-clustering for gene expression data; methods for twin, association, & family studies; multiple testing & estimation for high dimensional arrays.

  • Arturo Lopez Pineda

    Arturo Lopez Pineda

    Postdoctoral Research Fellow, Biomedical Data Sciences

    BioArturo Lopez Pineda is a health data scientist in the Bustamante Lab at Stanford University. He is interested in the intersection between Artificial Intelligence and Medicine. Currently, he is working on the extraction of information from electronic medical records, its processing with natural language algorithms, and its use for case detection with machine learning modeling. He is interested in the development of affordable technologies to improve healthcare in Latin America.

    Arturo is a member of Mexico's National System of Researchers (SNI) and a Fulbright Science and Technology alumnus. He holds a PhD and MS in Biomedical Informatics from the University of Pittsburgh School of Medicine, and a MS in Intelligent Systems and BS in Computer Science, both from Tecnologico de Monterrey (ITESM).

    Arturo is member of the Global Oncology Young Leaders working group at Stanford.

  • Ying Lu

    Ying Lu

    Professor of Biomedical Data Science and, by courtesy, of Radiology (Molecular Imaging) and of Health Research and Policy (Epidemiology)

    Current Research and Scholarly InterestsBiostatistics, clinical trials, statistical evaluation of medical diagnostic tests, radiology, osteoporosis, meta-analysis, medical decisoin making