Stanford Doerr School of Sustainability

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  • Stefanie Helmrich

    Stefanie Helmrich

    Postdoctoral Scholar, Earth System Science

    BioStefanie is a postdoctoral scholar at the Doerr School of Sustainability at Stanford University. Her postdoctoral research focuses on developing tools to optimize application and monitoring of nature-based climate solutions. During her Ph.D. she worked on reactive transport models and watershed models to investigate inorganic contaminant cycling. She holds a Ph.D. in Environmental Systems from U.C. Merced and a M.Sc. in Water Management from Technical University of Dresden.

  • Alexander Honeyman

    Alexander Honeyman

    Postdoctoral Scholar, Earth System Science

    BioMy Ph.D. was concerned with the biogeochemistry and recovery of post-wildfire soils. I work at the intersections of data science, field work, laboratory experimentation, biogeochemistry, and microbial ecology. I was exposed to the issue of wildland fire through 10 years of experience as a volunteer firefighter / EMT in Boulder County, Colorado (fire / rescue / EMS). Two current projects are 1) investigating drought and groundwater quality linkages in Colorado, and 2) the geochemical character of wildfire smoke. I love working in environmental systems because they are complex, and offer numerous opportunities to hybridize the physical and computational sciences.

  • Qi Hu

    Qi Hu

    Postdoctoral Scholar, Energy Science and Engineering

    BioI am a postdoctoral scholar collaborating with Tapan Mukerji on developing innovative workflows for monitoring subsurface CO2 sequestration. My research primarily involves integrating advanced seismic inversion techniques, such as full-waveform inversion, with rock physics and fluid dynamics to glean insights into subsurface structures and behaviors. Additionally, I am intrigued by the potential of distributed acoustic sensing and machine learning algorithms in various topics related to energy transition.