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  • Doctor of Philosophy, California Institute of Technology (2018)

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  • The Genetics of Aging: A Vertebrate Perspective. Cell Singh, P. P., Demmitt, B. A., Nath, R. D., Brunet, A. 2019; 177 (1): 200–220


    Aging negatively impacts vitality and health. Many genetic pathways that regulate aging were discovered in invertebrates. However, the genetics of aging is more complex in vertebrates because of their specialized systems. This Review discusses advances in the genetic regulation of aging in vertebrates from work in mice, humans, and organisms with exceptional lifespans. We highlight challenges for the future, including sex-dependent differences in lifespan and the interplay between genes and environment. We also discuss how the identification of reliable biomarkers of age and development of new vertebrate models can be leveraged for personalized interventions to counter aging and age-related diseases.

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