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  • Riitta Katila

    Riitta Katila

    Professor of Management Science and Engineering

    Current Research and Scholarly InterestsThe question that drives Prof. Katila's research is how technology-based firms with significant resources can stay innovative. Her work lies at the intersection of the fields of technology, innovation, and strategy and focuses on strategies that enable organizations to discover, develop and commercialize technologies. She combines theory with longitudinal large-sample data (e.g., robotics, biomedical, multi-industry datasets), background fieldwork, and state-of-the-art quantitative methods. The ultimate objective is to understand what makes technology-based firms successful.

    To answer this question, Prof. Katila conducts two interrelated streams of research. She studies (1) strategies that help firms leverage their existing resources (leverage stream), and (2) strategies through which firms can acquire new resources (acquisition stream) to create innovation. Her early contributions were firm centric while recent contributions focus on innovation in the context of competitive interaction.

    Professor Katila's work has appeared in the Academy of Management Journal, Administrative Science Quarterly, Strategic Entrepreneurship Journal, Strategic Management Journal, Research Policy and other outlets. In her most recent work, supported by the National Science Foundation, Katila examines how firms create new products successfully. Focusing on the robotics and medical device industries, she investigates how different search approaches, such as the exploitation of existing knowledge and the exploration for new knowledge, influence the kinds of new products that technology-intensive firms introduce. Professor Katila has served on the editorial boards of several leading journals including Administrative Science Quarterly, Organization Science, Strategic Organization, and the Strategic Management Journal.

  • Ece Kaynak

    Ece Kaynak

    Ph.D. Student in Management Science and Engineering, admitted Autumn 2013

    BioEce Kaynak is a Ph.D. student in the Department of Management Science & Engineering at Stanford University.

    Research Area: Work and occupations

    Ece is interested in the future of work, occupations, and post-bureaucratic modes of organizing. Her dissertation is an ethnography of coding bootcamps in the San Francisco Bay Area. Her previous work examined how organizations influence their political environments, which she studied through an ethnography of government affairs professionals. Ece holds a MSc in Management, Organizations & Governance from the London School of Economics and Political Science; and a BA in Sociology from Bogazici University in Istanbul. Prior to starting her PhD, Ece worked for five years at Pfizer, Deloitte and Avea Telecommunications in Istanbul, Turkey.

  • Suleyman Kerimov

    Suleyman Kerimov

    Ph.D. Student in Management Science and Engineering, admitted Autumn 2016

    BioSuleyman Kerimov is a Ph.D. student in the Department of Management Science & Engineering at Stanford University.

    Research Area: Operations Research

  • Richard Kim

    Richard Kim

    Ph.D. Student in Management Science and Engineering, admitted Autumn 2015

    BioRichard Kim is a Ph.D. student in the Department of Management Science & Engineering at Stanford University.

  • Thomas Kosnik

    Thomas Kosnik

    Adjunct Professor, Management Science and Engineering

    BioTom Kosnik has been a Lecturer at Stanford Engineering, Department of Management Science and Engineering since 1990. He is also a consulting professor for National University of Singapore Overseas Colleges Program in Silicon Valley. His current Stanford courses include Global Entrepreneurial Marketing, Technology Entrepreneurship, and Entrepreneurial Thought Leaders Program. He also teaches New Venture Creation for National University of Singapore. He taught Marketing at Harvard Business School from 1985-89, and launched HBS’s Entrepreneurial Marketing course in 1995-97. Kosnik is also a coauthor of Ramfelt, Kjellberg and Kosnik (2014) Gear Up: Test Your Business Model Potential and Plan your Path to Success, John Wiley and Sons.

    Professional Education: Working with Stanford Center for Professional Development, Kosnik serves as co-academic director and delivers workshops to entrepreneurs and business and government leaders. Topics include:
    •Gear up: Enabling business leaders create new markets or disrupt existing markets
    •Circles of Influence: Getting entrepreneurial players in different regions to bet on your new venture
    •Negotiating the Triple Chasms of Generation, Gender and Culture: Building trust across borders
    •Global Entrepreneurial Marketing: Creating new markets and entering new country/markets
    •Global Entrepreneurial Leadership: Enabling leaders to achieve their full potential and teams to go from good to great.