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  • Amna T. Adam

    Amna T. Adam

    Postdoctoral Scholar, Neurosurgery

    BioAmna earned her Bachelor of Science degree in chemistry and molecular biology from Montclair State University in 2015, where she also worked as a research assistant in the laboratory of Dr. David P. Rotella for 4-years. She pursued a PhD degree in Medicinal Chemistry at the University of Mississippi under the mentorship of Dr. David A. Colby, specializing in fluorine chemistry and organic synthesis. She conducted research on the interface of drug discovery, method development, and synthesis of fluorinated therapeutic for various diagnosis, such as cancer, drug addiction, and neurodegenerative disorders. She developed a method to efficiently synthesize Morpholine 3,3,3-trifluoropropanamide and commercialized this reagent with MilliporeSigma (911933) in 2020, which is currently valued at $326/500mg. Using this reagent she established a new method to access beta-fluoroalkenes, and important class of therapeutics that behave as peptide memetics. Also, she developed an efficient synthetic reaction to introduce methylene to L-γ-glutamine, which led to the successful synthesis of L-γ-methyleneglutamine that were tested for anticancer activity. Furthermore, she led the method development of fluortrifluoromethyl- and fluoropentafluorosulfanyl-containing methylene in the search of new highly fluorinated therapeutics. Currently, she is a postdoctoral scholar in the Shamloo Laboratory at Stanford Medicine. She works with Professor Shamloo on projects to develop novel therapeutics to treat drug addiction and neurodegenerative diseases.

  • Daniel Bloodgood

    Daniel Bloodgood

    Postdoctoral Scholar, Neurosurgery

    BioI am a postdoctoral fellow interested in using multiplexing molecular, electrophysiological, and microscopy techniques to
    dissect the function of brain circuits in health and disease

  • Hansen Chen

    Hansen Chen

    Postdoctoral Scholar, Neurosurgery

    Current Research and Scholarly InterestsImmune and Nervous Systems Interaction; Ischemic Postconditioning; Optogenetics

  • Eunji Choi

    Eunji Choi

    Postdoctoral Scholar, Biomedical Informatics
    Postdoctoral Scholar, Neurosurgery

    Current Research and Scholarly InterestsMy major research interests include cancer epidemiology with a concentration in the early detection and screening for cancer. My current research focuses on second malignancies among cancer survivors with special interests in causal inference, cancer risk prediction, and simulation modeling of cancer control interventions on their effects on population trends in incidence and mortality. My research involves the application of various statistical methods for competing-risk and high-dimensional data analysis using various data sources, which include prospective cohorts, population-based randomized trials, electronic health records, and cancer genomics data.