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  • John Eaton

    John Eaton

    Charles Lee Powell Foundation Professor in the School of Engineering, Emeritus

    BioEaton uses experiments and computational simulations to study the flow and heat transfer in complex turbulent flows, especially those relevant to turbomachinery, particle-laden flows, and separated flows, and to develop new techniques for precise control of gas and surface temperature during manufacturing processes.

  • Dr Jonathan Antonio Edelman

    Dr Jonathan Antonio Edelman


    BioMy professional and academic experience includes working with, facilitating and teaching teams from the around the globe in a wide spectrum of domains including Product Service System Design, User Experience, Interaction Design, Business Innovation, Digital Transformation and Digital Health Design.

    I have a PhD in Mechanical Engineering (New Product Development and Design Theory & Methodology) from Stanford University, an MFA in Art and Design from Stanford University, a BA in Historical Mathematics and Philosophy from St John's College, Annapolis, and was a GlaxoSmithKline Fellow at the Stanford Graduate School of Business, Summer Institute for Entrepreneurship.I am founder and director of the Center for Advanced Design Studies. My work focuses on understanding and creating innovative cultures that make impact in diverse cultural settings.

    As a deep generalist, my interests are fundamentally transdisciplinary: I study how change is made in diverse fields and distill these insights into novel formal methods that can be brought to a wide range of fields to create new phenomena that enable entrepreneurs and intrapreneurs to bring their best to make positive impact in the world.

    My expertise is in creating a bridge between cutting edge design theory and day-to-day practice by providing design teams with tested conceptual frameworks and physical tools for ideation, prototyping and empirical testing. Polymath, Iconoclast, Classicist and Lover of Pop Culture, I engage and inspire diverse communities to think outside the box, to reach and deliver far beyond expectations.

  • Christopher Edwards

    Christopher Edwards

    Professor of Mechanical Engineering, Emeritus

    BioThe Edwards research group is focused on fundamental research for advanced energy technologies. The group performs theoretical and experimental studies of energy transformations such that the conversion process can be made cleaner, more efficient, and more controllable than has been possible with traditional technologies. Applications include advanced transportation engines (piston and turbine) and advanced electric power generation with carbon mitigation.

  • Matthew R. Edwards

    Matthew R. Edwards

    Assistant Professor of Mechanical Engineering

    BioMatthew Edwards is an Assistant Professor of Mechanical Engineering. His research applies high-power lasers to the development of optical diagnostics for fluids and plasmas, the study of intense light-matter interactions, and the construction of compact light and particle sources, combining adaptive high-repetition-rate experiments and large-scale simulations to explore new regimes in fluid mechanics, thermodynamics, materials science, and plasma physics.

    Matthew received BSE, MA, and PhD degrees in Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering from Princeton University. He was then a Lawrence Fellow in the National Ignition Facility and Photon Science Directorate at Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory.

  • Shadi Elaridi

    Shadi Elaridi

    Masters Student in Mechanical Engineering, admitted Autumn 2020

    BioI'm Shadi Elaridi, a Senior Undergraduate student studying Mechanical Engineering at Stanford University. My concentration is in Product Realization and among my many passions, I aspire to engineer affordable products that bring the world together in solving problems. Having lived overseas for nine years, I have gained firsthand experience of global inequities. I aim to use affordable, efficient engineering as a means of combatting these inequities.

    My research interests fall within designing for extreme environments and using mechanical engineering design to bridging global resource gaps. Please, feel free to reach out with any questions you may have!

    You can find me at